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Meet Smiljka, Head of RISE office

Today we introduce Smiljka Vikic Topic, Head of RISE office! With a rich background spanning from molecular biology research to impactful leadership r...

New IMMEDIATE video explains factors affecting our gut health

In a world full of health trends, it may be difficult to understand what contributes to our well-being. The EU-funded IMMEDIATE research project is on...

I-SCREEN Project Embarks on Transformative Journey with Online Kick-off Event

The I-SCREEN project is set to tackle age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a debilitating eye condition affecting the elderly. This initiative aims...

Meet Ina, our Communications & Design Manager

Ina is the creative brain in our team, standing behind all the visual designs.

RISE joins forces with the new European IP Helpdesk Consortium

On February 7, 2024, a new chapter in intellectual property (IP) advisory services commenced for European small and medium enterprises (SMEs), innovat...

Breakthrough Achievement: OSTEOproSPINE Successfully Concludes, Earns Spotlight on Cordis Platform

OSTEOproSPINE is a successfully completed project funded by the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020

Meet Martina, our Project Manager

Meet Martina, our Project Manager with exceptional organisational skills working on various health projects and internal RISE processes.

Meet Nikolina, our Communications Manager

Nikolina is our dedicated Communications Manager, working on different range of projects from quantum research to medical initiatives and is a part of the team working on the European IP helpdesk activities.

Meet Lucija, our Project Manager

Meet Lucija Rogina, our experienced project manager with a background in project proposals, project coordination, and scientific studies.

RISE and EURICE meetup-joint meeting in Zagreb

From 4th until the 6th of October, we welcomed our colleagues from our sister company - EURICE

Innovating Rural Development: RISE Joins HORIZON Europe's RURACTIVE Research Project

Rural communities and regions in Europe possess considerable potential to transform into thriving hubs of innovation, rooted in local resources, grass...

Introducing Antonija: A Closer Look at Her Role as a Project Manager at RISE

Antonija is a Project Manager at RISE, where she manages two projects aimed at Health and Quantum topics. She has a background in political science, which gives her a unique perspective on project management.

EIC Board Aims to Double Participation from Widening Countries

Today, the EIC Board took a significant step towards increasing the participation of widening countries in EIC (European Innovation Council) programm...

Participating in the Exciting Kick-off Meeting of #METASTRA: A Transformative Journey Towards Revolutionizing Fracture Risk Assessment for Cancer Patients

We are pleased to share our participation in the inaugural kick-off meeting of the innovative #METASTRA project, held in Bologna, Italy, on July 17th...