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I-SCREEN Project Embarks on Transformative Journey with Online Kick-off Event

The I-SCREEN project is set to tackle age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a debilitating eye condition affecting the elderly. This initiative aims to improve early detection and monitoring of AMD using advanced AI technology.

AMD targets the macula, leading to central vision deterioration and symptoms like blurred vision, difficulty seeing in low light, and dark spots in the visual field. With an ageing population, the prevalence of AMD is increasing, highlighting the urgent need for innovative solutions.

The I-SCREEN project utilises innovative AI-tools coupled with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), a non-invasive imaging technique known for its high-resolution capabilities, to detect early signs of AMD and potentially prevent vision loss.

Supported by a grant exceeding EUR 3.4 million from the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Pathfinder program, this collaborative effort involves ten European partner institutions. Over four years, they aim to develop a cost-effective, AI-driven framework to expand access to preventive treatments and safeguard vision across communities.

RISE is entrusted with the work package dedicated to Innovation Managment within the I-SCREEN project. We are excited about the opportunity to raise awareness and promote the transformative potential of this project, with its far-reaching implications for patients across Europe.

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