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Promoting Innovation and IP Management at Horizon Europe Event

On June 27, our team participated in the "Sveučilišni dan programa Obzor Europa na MedILS-u," an important gathering held at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Research (MedILS) in Split. This event, organized by the University of Split, Agency for mobility and EU programmes, and Ministry of Science, Education and Youth, focused on the Horizon Europe program, which aims to promote scientific excellence, address social challenges such as climate change and sustainable development, and foster innovation to advance European industry and enhance Europe's global competitiveness.

Our team members, Gabrijela Radić and Ivana Vuka, contributed to the agenda with the topic "Supporting Innovation in Widening Countries through Project Participation." During their presentation, they highlighted the important role of IP Management in preparing strategies to maximise the impact of research and innovation projects. Additionally, Ivana Vuka, the coordinator of the European IP Helpdesk at RISE, introduced the free portfolio of services offered by the EU IP Helpdesk for researchers and beneficiaries of EU-funded projects.

We would like to extend our gratitude to MedILS and Danica Ramljak, Acting Director of MedILS, for inviting us to this event.

Our participation underscores our commitment to supporting innovation and effective IP management in research and development projects across Europe, a commitment bolstered by our role as part of the European IP Helpdesk consortium.

Photos courtesy of MedILS
Photos courtesy of MedILS