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I(eye)-SCREEN: A real-world AI-based infrastructure for screening and prediction of progression in agerelated macular degeneration (AMD) providing accessible shared care


Addressing a pressing healthcare challenge, the I-SCREEN project is committed to combating widespread vision loss caused by age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The mission involves developing an accessible and cost-effective AI-based system for early AMD detection and timely treatment. Utilising artificial intelligence, automated tools are being created for AMD detection and progression monitoring, accessible through cloud technology for real-world screening.

This initiative introduces a unique AI-powered platform designed for OCT scanners in local eye care professional’s offices, aiming to revolutionise AMD patient care with a new concept of AI-driven shared care. With AMD affecting an estimated 67 million citizens in the EU28 (including the UK), this innovative approach leverages AI in precision image analysis to provide a therapeutic chance of benefit and accessible professional eye care for all citizens over 50 through their local optician or optometrist—an unprecedented solution to a pressing healthcare dilemma.

Prof. Dr. Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth
Medical University Vienna
Horizon Europe & sub-programmes
48 months (January 2024 - December 2027)
Project funding
€ 4,700,000.00
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Gabrijela Radić
Senior Project Manager