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Efficient materials and processes for high-energy supercapacitors for smart textiles and electromobility applications


Climate-neutral storage of large amounts of energy is among this century’s main challenges. Over the past decade, the fast-depleting global fossil fuel reserves and steeply rising greenhouse gas emissions have caused serious concerns. EMPHASIS aims to develop a new science-oriented and circular-economy approach for the design and production of next-generation, environmentally friendly supercapacitors (SCs) achieving the technical specifications defined in the European SET plan targets for 2030. Three main SC components, i.e., electrodes, current collectors and electrolytes, will be optimised to achieve their best combination resulting in very high energy and power density, cyclability, and charge/discharge ratio, reducing at the same time production cost and environmental footprint in comparison to the extant technologies. EMPHASIS will pursue sustainable energy storage solutions in two areas that are paramount to cover the needs demanded by our modern lifestyle: electromobility and the emerging field of smart clothing.

Antonios Vavouliotis
Pleione Energy SA
Horizon Europe & sub-programmes
36 months (January 2023 - December 2025)
Project funding
€ 5,427,117.00
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Đevaire Memedi
Project Manager