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Participating in the Exciting Kick-off Meeting of #METASTRA: A Transformative Journey Towards Revolutionizing Fracture Risk Assessment for Cancer Patients

We are pleased to share our participation in the inaugural kick-off meeting of the innovative #METASTRA project, held in Bologna, Italy, on July 17th and 18th. RISE, as an affiliated entity of EURICE has been entrusted with a work package focused on dissemination, communication, and exploitation. This project aims to spearhead a transformative approach in fracture risk assessment and personalized treatment for cancer patients with vertebral metastases.

Advancing Healthcare through #METASTRA

The #METASTRA project is a cutting-edge, EU-funded initiative that unites an interdisciplinary team of experts. With the support of the EU Health Workprogramme, the project endeavors to provide personalized treatment recommendations through robust computational models and improved patient stratification techniques.

Addressing the Critical Need

In Europe, approximately 2.7 million individuals with cancer face a distressing incidence of secondary tumors, impacting nearly 1 million people. The current subjective nature of treatment decisions leaves patients vulnerable to unnecessary surgeries and fractures, significantly affecting their quality of life and ongoing cancer treatment. The urgency to address this critical need motivates our commitment to the project.

The #METASTRA Approach: Blending AI and Physiology-based Models

The core objective of the #METASTRA project is to develop innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Physiology-based (VPH) biomechanical computational models. These advanced models will be integrated into a reliable Decision Support System (DSS) to empower clinical decision-making and meet regulatory requirements for potential commercialization opportunities.

RISE: Eager to Make an Impact

RISE takes great pride in being entrusted with the work package dedicated to dissemination, communication, and exploitation within the #METASTRA project. Our company is genuinely excited about the opportunity to raise awareness and promote the transformative potential of this project, with its far-reaching implications for millions of lives. As the project commences on July 1st, 2023, with an anticipated duration of 60 months, we are committed to taking a significant stride towards personalized medicine, aiming to positively impact the lives of cancer patients and the broader healthcare system. Join us in our mission to advance healthcare and forge a brighter future for those in need as the #METASTRA project embarks on its transformative journey. Stay updated on its progress, and together, let's pave the path towards enhanced fracture risk assessment and personalized treatment for cancer patients with vertebral metastases. Your support is vital in achieving these groundbreaking goals.

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